I am participating in 90 Mile November!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bucket List

I love lists. Writing things, crossing them off, it makes me feel accomplished. It helps me organize my day. So... without further ado... my list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket - which will likely change, grow, be edited, over time.

1. Build a house.
2. Stay in a cottage on the beach for a whole WEEK, with nothing to do but enjoy the water and the sand, read, write, no pressure, no expectation.
3. Publish a non-fiction book (likely motivational/self help) about this whole journey.
4. Pose in a lingerie/boudoir style photoshoot for no reason other than to appreciate myself!
5. Run 100 x 5k races.
6. Go sea kayaking.
7. Perform in an equine drill team.
8. Ride a dressage test, at a dressage show, with Bronwyn - even if it is the most basic of beginner rides.
9. Sing karaoke.
10. Be somebody's mama.
11. See Third Eye Blind in concert.
12. See killer whales in their natural habitat.
13. Visit an island with resident wild horses.
14. Road trip across Canada.
15. See icebergs in person.
16. Go on a cruise.
17. Visit Hawaii.
18. Go sailing (for real).
19. Learn how to surf.
20. Complete a 100 mile long distance ride with a horse.
21. Publish a romance novel (e-pub included).
22. Go white-water rafting!

C25K: Week 2 in review

Oh boy. Let's just get down to it, shall we? We were all set for a M-W-F running schedule, but then missed

Day 1
This run was done with G and the dog around 9-10pm on Monday - the first 90 second run was TORTUROUS, I found. It seemed so much longer than a minute, but by the time we got through, I had really hit my stride - by the last run split, I felt like I could go a lot longer. I don't know if it was because I am actually getting fitter or because I got a good updraft from running at G's elbow and was going on his wind!

Day 2
I don't know why but this was another of those REALLY TOUGH runs. I ran this one with my sister on a Friday evening, a little earlier than we normally run (6-7) so the day was still warm. I think this may affect me and fully realize that eventually, if I want to actually run the 5K in the fall, I am going to have to train during other times of day besides cool evening, but for now... well, this is how I am rolling. We also went the same route that we did the last time my sister was with me -- which is opposite to where we normally go. Both trips are flat, virtually straight out-and-backs but for some reason this was tough again... maybe it is the route, too? I don't know. On our general route, about 2KM of the total running distance is on a wooden bridge, on this one, it is all paved trail - that might be the real kicker there. Anyways, I finished it. Begrudgingly!

Day 3
We were supposed to get caught up on Sunday night but I was tired and behind on housework so we did this run on Monday - so yes, a full week from the first one. It felt like a breeze - back with G and the dog on the normal bridge route. Again, I felt like I might have had more in me (even though I had a pretty heavy undigested supper sitting right about at my breastbone).

I can't say I am looking forward to another bump up. And we are behind a day. My sister already did the first day on Monday and will be doing the second day tonight when we do the first day of Week 3. She survived, so that's good news... and we will try to catch up on a weekend day. We did not run at all on Wednesday as I hurt my back at the barn the night before, but am on the mend.

I am also going to need a new pair of running shoes ASAP. I see I am wearing through the ball of the foot on the sole of my left shoe. It doesn't seem like I have been using this new pair for very long but when I put minimum 6KM/day on them (usually closer to 8 and three nights a week, another 4-5KM) five days a week, I guess the mileage adds up quickly.

Monday, June 11, 2012

C25K: Week 1 in review

I had originally planned a M-W-F running schedule but it was Wednesday before we got a chance to run and I wanted to stay on task with my sister who is also doing it and is planning a M-W-F schedule. This all works out excellently because I will be riding Tuesday/Thursday/possibly Friday/and then one other day on the weekend. I am going to have legs of steel by the time this is all over with!

So... quick recap of the workouts:

Day 1
Day 1 was a late Wednesday night run. We planned to run for 9pm (once it's cooled off some) but my boyfriend, G, got held up and didn't get home until about 9:40. Of course I didn't want to run then, but such is our relationship that one usually has the gumption to needle the other into something (the roles were reversed last night, don't worry!) I was glad, once we got out. My sister asked later how it felt and I asked if she would be upset if I said it was easier than I expected.

Day 2
Saturday morning, 9am-ish. My sister came in to town to run with G and I and brought her border collie, Psyche, so Morrie (my dog) had a running buddy too! I did not eat breakfast prior as I was afraid of chucking it but it was pretty obvious that I need to fuel up pre-run from now on. I was dragging serious butt. I spent a good part of the run 10-15 feet behind G and sis - just barely keeping my feet moving. Very, very low energy. I learned my lesson there!

Day 3
Sunday night, 9:45ish. We had a late dinner and needed time for it to settle before we could run... didn't wait long enough. I had a banana split from DQ and I was burping banana the entire run. I also started out the run with a violent case of hiccups, which consequently messed up my breathing technique which is pretty much the only thing that keeps me running. I have to say it was a real battle, pretty much the whole run. Until the last run section... I seemed to catch a second wind and the last run section felt strong... it felt good, after struggling through the whole run. I could have kept going!

I am currently 6lbs higher than my lowest weight ever, and am slowly working away at it. I have lost 15lbs since March but have now added the running and more consistent riding to my schedule, I think it will begin to move off fast. The funny thing is that I felt pretty small when I weighed under 250 last time... this time, I still feel like I am big... I had gained back 22lbs, and now that I am within range of the "lowest I've been in a long time", I still feel big. My mind is clearly playing with me. They never tell you how much of a mental battle this is in addition to physical!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6: Another day of rest

I don't have any data for today either - I ended up spending most of the day putting together lunches for the next thirty days.

I cooked a large pot of rice and a large pot of whole wheat noodles, about 20lbs of veggies and 4lbs of chicken, and a large pot of spaghetti sauce. I then put it all together in a variety of different combinations and stuck them in freezer bags in two-meal portions (to share with my mother who works in the office with me) - which helps with portion control and not buying something filled with sodium and other crap from the cafeteria. I was so sore from standing at the counter for hours chopping and stirring that I didn't get any real mileage in, and I didn't track my food because I was just sticking a little something from everything in there - but still think I stayed within my calories for today.

Tomorrow, I am back at it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Day of rest

Today, I decided to take a break. I had a bunch of stuff to do that mostly involved sitting in a car, driving around. I didn't track my calories either. I was doing alright until after the "movie theatre popcorn in place of super" when my body wanted supper, and my dad wanted a McDonald's drive-thru. Five chicken nuggets came to rest in my belly. No fries, though - it could have been six nuggets, a large fry and another litre of Diet Coke. I will be back at it tomorrow. We stocked up on a ton of fresh vegetables and whole grains to put together some personal sized meat/sauce/veggies type of meals to keep at work so we're not constantly going downstairs to the cafeteria to get things that aren't good for us.

I didn't have any time for a workout today, either, but I will definitely be getting in at least my 3 miles on foot, maybe some more on horseback if things work out the right way. :)

Calorie Budget: 1,938
Calories In: No idea!
Calories Burnt: None, officially.
Balance: Not sure.

14.61 miles into 90 Mile November.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: Hungry day...

I'm feeling hungry. I don't know why but some days, I just feel like I can't be sated. Today is the first day since I started this that I went over my calories. I could have made some smarter choices and got more bang for my buck, pretty much.

I had a big morning in the gym - I "only" did three miles but they were hard come by on the treadmill and the elliptical. I also did some weight training which I haven't done in a while. I am sure I will feel this tomorrow!

I am still working on getting an accurate "first day" weight. Little late, huh? After I get that reading, I will be off the scale until December 1st!

Calorie Budget: 1,938
Calories In: 2,679
Calories Burnt: -694
Balance: -28

14.61 miles into 90 Mile November.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: Indulging a little bit

Overall, I felt good about the day. I am getting better at controlling my snacking during the day and after supper. G did bring me the most delicious mint chocolate latte ever... and I had a mini O'Henry bar - I will be glad when these Halloween treats are gone! I decided that the mini bar was COMPLETELY NOT WORTH 120 calories. Too "expensive", as I call it. I would have been satisfied with just the latte at the end of the day.

I also have taken up eating vegetables WITHOUT putting butter on them. Brussel sprouts and carrots are actually really interesting and yummy flavours on their own without being drowned in salt, butter or cheese. It tastes different, sure, but not worse, not in the least bit! I'm feeling strong.

Calorie Budget: 1,938
Calories In: 2,126
Calories Burnt: -297
Balance: 128

11.61 miles into 90 Mile November.