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Monday, June 11, 2012

C25K: Week 1 in review

I had originally planned a M-W-F running schedule but it was Wednesday before we got a chance to run and I wanted to stay on task with my sister who is also doing it and is planning a M-W-F schedule. This all works out excellently because I will be riding Tuesday/Thursday/possibly Friday/and then one other day on the weekend. I am going to have legs of steel by the time this is all over with!

So... quick recap of the workouts:

Day 1
Day 1 was a late Wednesday night run. We planned to run for 9pm (once it's cooled off some) but my boyfriend, G, got held up and didn't get home until about 9:40. Of course I didn't want to run then, but such is our relationship that one usually has the gumption to needle the other into something (the roles were reversed last night, don't worry!) I was glad, once we got out. My sister asked later how it felt and I asked if she would be upset if I said it was easier than I expected.

Day 2
Saturday morning, 9am-ish. My sister came in to town to run with G and I and brought her border collie, Psyche, so Morrie (my dog) had a running buddy too! I did not eat breakfast prior as I was afraid of chucking it but it was pretty obvious that I need to fuel up pre-run from now on. I was dragging serious butt. I spent a good part of the run 10-15 feet behind G and sis - just barely keeping my feet moving. Very, very low energy. I learned my lesson there!

Day 3
Sunday night, 9:45ish. We had a late dinner and needed time for it to settle before we could run... didn't wait long enough. I had a banana split from DQ and I was burping banana the entire run. I also started out the run with a violent case of hiccups, which consequently messed up my breathing technique which is pretty much the only thing that keeps me running. I have to say it was a real battle, pretty much the whole run. Until the last run section... I seemed to catch a second wind and the last run section felt strong... it felt good, after struggling through the whole run. I could have kept going!

I am currently 6lbs higher than my lowest weight ever, and am slowly working away at it. I have lost 15lbs since March but have now added the running and more consistent riding to my schedule, I think it will begin to move off fast. The funny thing is that I felt pretty small when I weighed under 250 last time... this time, I still feel like I am big... I had gained back 22lbs, and now that I am within range of the "lowest I've been in a long time", I still feel big. My mind is clearly playing with me. They never tell you how much of a mental battle this is in addition to physical!

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