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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bucket List

I love lists. Writing things, crossing them off, it makes me feel accomplished. It helps me organize my day. So... without further ado... my list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket - which will likely change, grow, be edited, over time.

1. Build a house.
2. Stay in a cottage on the beach for a whole WEEK, with nothing to do but enjoy the water and the sand, read, write, no pressure, no expectation.
3. Publish a non-fiction book (likely motivational/self help) about this whole journey.
4. Pose in a lingerie/boudoir style photoshoot for no reason other than to appreciate myself!
5. Run 100 x 5k races.
6. Go sea kayaking.
7. Perform in an equine drill team.
8. Ride a dressage test, at a dressage show, with Bronwyn - even if it is the most basic of beginner rides.
9. Sing karaoke.
10. Be somebody's mama.
11. See Third Eye Blind in concert.
12. See killer whales in their natural habitat.
13. Visit an island with resident wild horses.
14. Road trip across Canada.
15. See icebergs in person.
16. Go on a cruise.
17. Visit Hawaii.
18. Go sailing (for real).
19. Learn how to surf.
20. Complete a 100 mile long distance ride with a horse.
21. Publish a romance novel (e-pub included).
22. Go white-water rafting!

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